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She was more worried that anyone witnessed what just happened, but thankfully no one was around. "I wanted to do this for a very long time" Line confessed while caressing Renee's legs. Renee began thinking about all the things Line confided in her. And you grabbed my legs under the table." Renee said. Now it was Line who became deeply surprised, feeling Renee's hands caressing her huge bulging calves while still kissing her passionately.

Both women walked towards the parking lot into that cold winter air. Still stunned, Renee pulled into the driveway realising that they were now at her house and not Line's. Both women were enthralled into an incredible embrace, Line caressing Renee's short hair, kissing her even more deeply. " Renee said helping her friend out of her vehicle.

At first, Renee became deeply surprised, trying very hard not to show her puzzled look to all the other people around at their table. Renee grabbed Line's hand, but Line held onto it tightly. Renee said to Line that it was a good time to go home and asked Line if she wanted a ride. Both women walked across the dining hall all the way to the coat area where all the Air Force blue trench coats were hanging.

They were the only ones leaving the Mess Hall at that moment. The drive back home was silent for the rest of the way.

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Wearing dry cleaned uniforms, jackets decorated with medals, well-pressed pants, black shiny boots looking like mirrors, proud men serving their country.

While delivering goods to a warehouse daily, Line deals with Renee regarding all the paperwork.

They became friends, and on that cold winter night at the Mess Dinner, they made sure they sat next to each other.

Who could blame Line for dreaming about that hot tall short haired brunette, with a nice big toned hard butt, sexy legs, and luscious lips used to perform fellatio?

Like Line, she wore her uniform proudly, with a short blue skirt, brown nylons, and black high heels with that gold medal award pinned on her jacket as well. As they were talking, Renee could feel Line's hand caressing her legs under the table. Line could not stop caressing Renee's brown nylons covered legs.

With their shiny high heels on, they made sure that they not slip on any ice. As Renee started driving her vehicle, she was still shocked at that unexpected kiss. It was bitterly cold outside, but even with the passenger door slightly opened, Line and Renee felt the intense heat burning inside of them. Renee unlocked the door, entered her house while holding Line's hand.

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